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2019-11-19 15:51

;ADVANTAGE. With the speed, accuracy, and reliability of the FNS Longslide, it's not even a contest.Aug 16, 2018  The FN FNS9 Competition pistol will feature most of the technical solutions that make the standard FNS models some of the best solutions for service and defense currently on the market. Featuring a 17rounds metal magazine, the new FNS9 Competition model is light in weight, tracks well shottoshot and is easy to stop and transition between targets. fnh fns-9 competition

Oct 17, 2015 FNS9 is truly one of the greater 9mm handguns on the marked today. This 9mm has proven to be a great concealed carry, duty and competition gun.

Jun 08, 2012  The new FNS9 Competition handgun will feature a five inch barrel and special sights that provide the shooter with a longer sight radius and a more precise sight picture, said Ken Pfau, Senior Vice President for Commercial and Law Enforcement Sales at FNH USA. This allows them to shoot faster with greater accuracy. Jun 20, 2015 Hidden Hybrid Holsters, FNH FNS9 40 5 competition Concealed Carry Gun Holster by Hidden Hybrid Holstersfnh fns-9 competition Jul 17, 2012  FNH USA is proud to introduce a new addition to the family of FNS pistols the FNS9 Competition model. In the final stages of development now, this new competition handgun was designed to fit the specific needs of competition shooters.

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