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2019-12-06 07:42

Aug 16, 2018  As a sport, dynamic shooting IPSC is becoming increasingly popular. Moreover, the fascinating shooting sport recognizes all the shooting disciplines: handgun, rifle, shotgun and action air. Ambitious marksmen may enter up to 5 different Divisions with their handguns. Read on for furtherThe 2012 IPSC Shotgun World Shoot I held in Debrecen, Hungary was the 1st IPSC Shotgun World Shoot, and consisted of 30 stages over 5 days and over 400 competitors. Champions Open. The Open division was the second largest division with 121 competitors (29. 1 ). Individual. Overall ipsc shooting competition 2012

Diversity IPSC shooting challenges are diverse. While it is not necessary to construct new courses for each match, no single course of fire must be repeated to allow its use to be considered a definitive measure of IPSC shooting skills. Freestyle IPSC matches are freestyle.

While shooting competitions in Czech Republic and Hungary are wellknown, the neighboring Ukraine was a gap in the IPSC world until recently. The Benelli Cup is a 2 day, 3rd level shotgun competition that was held in the Ukraine for its 3rd year in a row during 2012. ipsc shooting competition 2012

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