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2019-11-11 20:25

From Elon Law: We are very excited to host the third annual Billings, Exum& Frye National Moot Court Competition this spring. This competition honors three of North Carolinas former Chief Justices for their significant contributions to the states judiciary, legal profession and public life.Emory Law students organize and host the annual Civil Rights and Liberties Moot Court Competition, Emory Law maintains an active interest in any function held on or off campus in which the name of Emory University School of Law is used. 2013 Competition. elon moot court competition 2013

If you would like to honor the Chief Justices for whom the competition is named and assist Elon Law in advancing a premier national moot court competition in Greensboro, your support would be most appreciated. Contact the development office at (336). Sponsors will be recognized in all materials regarding the competition.

Since first entering into interscholastic competitions in the spring of 2008, Elons Moot Court program has had great success, earning national recognition for oral advocacy and a number of best brief awards. Pictured from left: Alan Woodlief, senior associate dean for admissions& administration Another team wins second overall at Elon Law National Moot Court Competition. A team of thirdyear students claimed Texas Tech University School of Laws 27th national championship at the American Bar Association (ABA) National Appellate Advocacy Competition in Chicago.elon moot court competition 2013 Each year members of the RWU Law Moot Court Board compete at national and regional competitions, in teams of two or three members. RWU Law students participate in a wide variety of moot court competitions, which focus on different areas of the law including products liability, criminal law and procedure, constitutional law, and family law.

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