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The last Battle Spot online competition for generation 7 has been added here so everyone can prepare for the real thing. Check out the discussion thread and discuss it in the battlespot room. The participation gift is a shiny Tapu Koko!Online Competitions Sign up for the competition from the Pokmon Global Link. Download the Digital Player ID for the Online Competition in your game. Choose which Pokmon you want to use in the competition and put them in your Battle Box. Once youre done, register your Battle Box for the Online online competitions oras

Jan 17, 2015 And to participate you have to go to battle spot and use the online competition option, receive your ID and then register your 3 to six pokemon in the battle box. Then the next time you go to the online competition option you can search for battles once the competition has started.

Win Free Stuff online, enter every day to win the hottest fashion, accessories, technology and more at Take a Break! Feb 07, 2015 How to Sign Up for the Generation Showdown Online Competition, How to Sign up for Pokemon online competitions http: www. twitch. tvonline competitions oras Pokmon Contest Spectacular Originally introduced in the original Pokmon Ruby& Sapphire, Pokmon Contests are making a return, as the Pokmon Contest Spectacular. This time, the Pokmon Contests have been fleshed out even further than ever before, with more features being added onto the

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1. 1. Participation in this Competition is governed by these terms and conditions (the Rules). 1. 2. Participants are encouraged to review the Rules before entering into the Competition and acknowledge that they have been given an appropriate opportunity to online competitions oras Jan 11, 2015 What are the best contest movesets for each contest type in oras? 2 votes. 34, 662 views. I mean, which ones get the most appeal, and excitement in oras. These are just movesets that I've found effective with Pokemon that are easily obtained in ORAS. answered Jan 12, 2015 by trachy selected Jan 12 As in ORAS Contests! ) moveset for a Online Competition Rankings. Once the Online Competition has ended and the final rankings have been tallied, you can click on that competitions icon under the Past Competitions section of the Online Competitions page. From there, you can view detailed information about the competition, such as the final ranking and trends for Pokmon used in Pokmon Global Link Johto Classic. This competition is a Single Battle competition and allows for you to use any Pokmon in the Pokdex from# 001 up to# 251 excluding Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, HoOh and Celebi. Pokmon are lowered to Level 50 and you cannot have any Mega Stones. You can play up to 15 matches a day.

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